Ok mammas - I hope you are getting excited for next week!

Here is what you need to do to make sure you are ready!

  1. Download the materials below.

  2. Go to the grocery store!  You will find the suggested meal plan here with recipes for inspiration.  As you will see, the recipes repeat throughout the month so that you can batch cook and keep it simple.  But for those who like to mix it up - I added some BONUS recipes!

  3. Make sure you filled our your waiver for the fitness app.
    CLICK HERE for the fitness forms

  4. Be sure you are signed up for the FB Group.  Sign up HERE.  This is the place we will be cheering each other on and I will be coaching you throughout the week.  If you don't have FB, that's ok.  You can always email or message me with questions, but I do encourage you just to hop in for the program!

      5.  We have a ZOOM Kick-Off Call on Sunday 9/12 at 8pm EST!  If you can't make it - no worries - we will post the replay in the FB   group!  Click HERE to join or you can also grab the link in the FB group under announcements.  

     6. Here are the links for the bands that I like to use in my workouts 🙂

          6. Get pumped up mamma!!!  Let's do this!!