TikTok for Health, Fitness + Wellness Pros

A Comprehensive TikTok mini-course and masterclass for health & fitness + wellness professionals to learn how to create content, build a massive audience and turn followers into paying clients...ALL ON TIKTOK.

I'm sharing my EXACT STRATEGY for how I built a 6 figure business in under 6 months through TikTok.

In this interactive workshop created you'll learn exactly how to:

  • Gain a solid understanding of how the platform works so you can create impactful content.
  • Create content that speaks exactly to your ideal client so you can generate more sales.
  • Master the do's & don'ts for creating content so that you aren't wasting your time making videos that suck.
  • Create content that work with the algorithm so you have the best chances of your content getting views.
  • Best practices for repurposing content from your other platforms and adapting them for TikTok so you are maximizing your time.
  • How how to get qualified leads off of TikTok and into your sales funnel to bring in more clients.
  • Best practices for promoting a launch on TikTok.

Join me Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday December 5th-7th!  Yes it will be recorded for those who can't make it!

For a limited time, this brand new 2023 TikTok course is $200 OFF!  All recordings, tutorials and lifetime access included!

The Insta Algorithm has gone off the deep end and to be honest, there's really only one social media platform that STILL has availability for LOTS of organic growth and that's TikTok.


Introducing TikTok for Health + Fitness Pros

A 3-day mini-course for health, fitness and nutrition pros who are tired of getting 2 Likes on IG and FB posts and  are ready to LEARN and GROW their next social media platform - TikTok - to reach new potential clients, build a significant audience AND turn those followers into customers...

From a 43-year old certified personal trainer, nutrition coach, business owner, AND busy mom who grew a 275k TikTok following to sell online coaching and courses.

Hi!  I'm Amber...

In 2020 when I started my online coaching business after quitting a 6-figure sales job, I knew that being late to the game on Instagram, it was going to be slow going.

So I learned everything I could about TikTok, jumped on, mastered the platform (actually was hired by TikTok to create content), got consistent posting about food tips, recipes, workouts and connecting with other over-40 women...and within 8 months, I'd grown my TikTok following to over 200k.

And now, 2 years later, 90% of my 11,000+ email list is made up of people who followed me on TikTok.  And most of my clients are folds I've met and connected with on TikTok.

And no, you don't have to dance or be silly or dress up or point to things...you just need to learn this new platform and add value for followers.

In this 3-day mini-course (yes, it WILL be recorded and you WILL have lifetime access), I'll be sharing withy you exactly how to build a new following on TikTok, best practices for posting and going viral, as well as then how to get people OFF of TikTok and onto your email, so they can become customers.

My TikTok followers aren't 15-year-olds.  They are qualified clients, ladies over 40 years old who need and want fitness and nutrition solutions.

And now, a little over 2 years after starting my account and building my business to multiple 6-figures, I'm pulling back the curtain on how I did it, and exactly how you can too.


It's not "too late."

You're not "bad with technology."

You're not "bad on video."

You just...don't know how to do it all yet.


That's where I come in.


This brand, new course worth over $2000 will be rolling at out at $297 later on my site, but for you, right now, I'm offering my inaugural students a $97 deal.

Never again will it be offered at this investment price.  This is a SKILL that - if you are feeling frustrated and out by IG's lack of results - you NEED to learn sooner rather than later.



In this comprehensive masterclass, you'll learn:


  • My 4 step signature method, the CASH method, for creating content that attracts your ideal clients and turns them into paying clients
  • TikTok 101 so you can learn exactly how to navigate the app and all of its features so that your content is more dynamic
  • rinse and repeat formula for creating videos that get traction and grow an audience
  • How to repurpose content from IG and adapt for TikTok to streamline your content creation and free up your time
  • How to use TikTok analytics to repurpose content and create better videos
  • Best practices for nurturing your followers on TikTok and turn them into loyal clients
  • How to avoid common pitfalls that stunt your growth on the platform
  • What apps can make video editing a breeze and repurposing simple
  • Plus I'll be sharing how I leveraged TikTok to negotiate $42K brand partnerships (yes as a 40+ year old mom
  • Lifetime access to all trainings + recordings, even if you can't make the training live, you'll want this education to make 2023 (and beyond!) your best year yet in social media!

When you sign up for this virtual training you get


  • 6+ hours of TikTok Growth Education (over the 3 days) - I've invested thousands of dollars and hours of time in TikTok coaches and now I'm passing along my best learned strategies in this 3 day mini-course.


  • Lifetime access to the course so you can reference it anytime you need!


Get Now For $97

What you can expect by the end of the course:

My goal for each attendee is that by the end of the masterclass you will have a solid blueprint for how to create content on TikTok that ultimately puts money in your pocket.

You will leave with a ton of clarity and a solid action plan for what you need to do ongoing.  You'll have the key pieces of education that you need to not only understand the platform but then how to apply it to your business and create content that brings you clients.

My guarantee is that you implement what you learn, stay consistent with the big dial movers I am going to teach you - you will see growth.

My goal is to get you a clear roadmap for how to navigate TikTok successfully so that your content gets seen and you grow your business! 



  • What results can you REALLY expect from this workshop?  At the end of this mini-course, you will not only walk away with the exact plan for how to grow your TikTok account, but you will learn the big dial movers necessary to turn them into paying clients.  You'll also walk away with the tools and strategies that I have learned from several successful TikTok coaches over the past two years.  Lastly, you will leave the workshop with a personalized action plan, for what works for your business so you can start achieving your goals.


  • How can you guarantee my success?  The tips and strategies that I am going to be teaching you are the same methods that grew my business from $0 to multiple 6 figures In just a couple years.  I'm going to share with you EXACTLY how I did It and continue to grow using TikTok.  All you have to do is show up and be present.


  • What if I can't make it live? Don't worry! They will all be recorded and sent out via email.  But remember, so much of the magic is going to come from the LIVE coaching that we will do together on the call.  I want you to get the most out of this call and so I will be answering questions and troubleshooting on the fly to make sure you are set up for success!


  • Will the recording be available after the fact and will I have lifetime access? Yes! You will be able to access it via email from wherever you are for life!


  • Who is this for exactly?  If you are someone who is tired of spending hours creating content on Instagram that no one is seeing - this is for you.  If you already have a TikTok account and are frustrated that it isn't getting traction - this course is for you.  If you are ready to effortlessly create content that actually converts followers into paying clients - I got you covered.  And if you're finally ready to learn how to leverage TikTok to take your business to the next level - this masterclass is for you!struggles with your weight and you feel like nothing you do works - this is for you.


  • Will you be running this again LIVE? I am not sure if I will.  I am going to be putting this on my website as a DIY and selling it for $297.


  • Will there be an opportunity to ask me specific questions? Yes of course!  That is a big part of the workshop.  I will allow plenty of time to ask me whatever you want!  I want you to get tons of value from the masterclass so absolutely come with questions.  This is your time to have 1:1 coaching with me to get all of your questions answered!


  • What will happen if I skip this? What is the definition of insanity again?  Oh that's right - it's doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result.  Aren't you ready to finally do something different and actually get results?

6+ HOURS WORTH OF LIVE COACHING, plus an interactive session to have questions answered in real time + more

For a limited time, this brand new 2023 TikTok course is $200 OFF!  All recordings, tutorials and lifetime access included!